Custom Control

Prohibited to import into Ukraine:

Prohibited to export from Ukraine:

Objects (goods) that require veterinary, ecological, sanitary or phitosanitary testing are allowed only after passing such testing at the correspondent station.

Objects prohibited to transit through the customs territory of Ukraine:

Audio and video materials.

The transportation of data carriers is regulated by the Instruction Sheet "For transportation of the printed, audio and audiovisual materials over the Ukrainian border", issued on August 22, 1994 by the State Customs Committee of Ukraine. The Instruction Sheet is the main document regulating the transportation of printed editions, scripts, scientific products, originals and copies of personal documents, and audiovisual materials by state departments, groups of people, organizations, as well as citizens of Ukraine and foreign states.

Preview of all the data is required to avoid transportation across the border of the following:

a) data protected by Ukrainian laws "On the state secret", "On the data", as well as other data considered as state secret;

b) materials that provoke revolution, violation of territorial unity, state sovereignty and security, war, rape and violence, racism, religious discrimination, crime;

c) materials that contain recipes for drugs and poisonous substances;

d) pornographic and vulgar materials.

Additional permission is required for the data not intended for public distribution.

All data carriers must be presented for checking in advance. The owner should fill out two copies of the MD-4 customs declaration, indicating the number and type of data carriers, nameplate data, country of destination, and claiming the absence of prohibited data.

The duration of checking will depend on the number and type of the data carriers. Therefore, we emphasize the importance of their checking in advance. After checking the inspector will put a stamp and indicate the results on the declaration.

One copy of the completed declaration and the checked data remains with the owner of the data carriers. The declaration is valid for one year.


Luggage Customs registration of unaccompanied luggage moving through the customs border of Ukraine:

1. This document outlines customs registration of the unaccompanied luggage belonging to Ukrainian citizens, foreigners and persons without citizenship.

The unaccompanied luggage (later - UL) includes objects shipped by their owner or on behalf of their owner that cross the Ukrainian customs border separately from their owner.

2. Customs registration of UL imported into Ukraine:

2.1. The shipment of UL is recorded in the passenger customs declaration on entering Ukraine.

One copy of this declaration, stamped by the customs inspector, remains with the owner of UL, and the other - with the customs inspector.

2.2. When receiving the UL, the owner should present the passenger declaration to the customs indicating presence of UL, currency and valuables brought into Ukraine.

2.3. The person receiving UL on behalf of its owner should present the owner's declaration and the notarized order.

2.4. Calculation of import taxes on the contents of UL accounts for the value of declared goods imported into Ukraine personally by their owner.

3. Customs registration of UL exported from Ukraine:

3.1. Customs registration of UL takes place in the customs of the owner's residence.

3.2. When exporting UL from Ukraine its owner must fill out three copies of the passenger customs declaration, indicating the UL contents.

3.3. After the UL registration, one copy of the declaration remains with the UL owner, second - with the customs officer, and the third is added to the UL documentation file.


Animals Objects (goods) that require special permission to be imported into Ukraine: