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Krivoy RogKrivoy Rog is known in Ukraine as "City of ore and metal", "Iron heart of the country", "Ukrainian Clondike". The treasures of Krivoy Rog lands are really inexhaustible: the prospected reserves for iron ore and quartzite are about 32 billion of tones.

Though Krivoy Rog has been developing as raw center - it is a city of metallurgists, chemists, cementists, car-builders, food-producing specialists and people of some other professions.

There are about 65 big industrial enterprises in Krivoy Rog, among them we can view the biggest in Ukraine - Iron and Steel Industrial Complex "Krivorozhstal". The metallurgists from "Krivorozhstal" extended the range of the products, mastered the technology of steel and ferro-concrete reinforcements according to Britain, French, Algerian standards, their bars correspond to the American standards. The main consumers of Iron and Steel Producers are the Metallurgic Industrial Complexes of Ukraine and the foreign countries: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania.

Krivbass places the third place on iron ore extraction in the world. The intellectual potential of Krivoy Rog is enormous but not well-known, including its participation in the most daring discoveries of the XX-th century.

Krivoy RogThe underground system of Krivoy Rog with its 9 stations and with almost 20-km route allows the residents of Krivoy Rog to overcome the distances of the city.

There are more than 100 cultural institutions. In Krivbass the development of sport base of the city has always been taken care of. Due to it there are 17 stadiums, 14 swimming pools, 230 sport gym halls and auto-motor-cycle racing track "Sparta-Rodeo" in Krivoy Rog.

For good reason the names of Krivo-Rogian weight-lifters, judoists, sport acrobats, sambists, karatekas, shots are well-known with the sport public.

Krivoy RogFour High Institutions in KRIVBASS educate the future metallurgists and economists, engineers and teachers, builders and lawyers, financial specialists and auditors. Besides Krivoy Rog doesn't lose a hope to get the status of medical-sanatorium city. To witness it there are four sanatoriums, Scientific-Research Institution of Professional Disease and Hygiene, Regional Medical-Genetic Center, salt mines and radon spa in the city.

Undoubtedly, Krivoy Rog is unique city. Seven districts, five settlements and a town in the city - Ingulets - like the fragments of refined mosaics that makes the whole and picturesque picture of Krivoy Rog.